Shelly Steoger, LCSW

I am a graduate from Weber State University with Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Social Work. My diverse life experiences are what inspired me to get an education in these fields so that I may try to contribute to changed lives, families, and relationships. I am passionate about growth and change amidst really challenging life trials. I enjoy working with all genders and ages and strive to create a safe place for each client. 

Some of my clinical experiences have included the following areas, but are not limited to: experience in assisting those who have recent health/medical diagnoses and are navigating their next steps in dealing with painful or concerning realities.

Experience in assisting clients with pornography and sex addiction using a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy approach. These addictions often lead to therapy with the families/partners who also suffer as a result.

I am also certified in Crisis Intervention; sometimes circumstances can make it difficult for one to manage if they don’t quite have the skills to cope. I work hard to educate clients with evidence-based tools that work, and that I have used myself!

I am trained in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing. This therapy is particularly helpful for those who have suffered traumas, such as: PTSD, distressing memories, and grief, just to name a few.

In my free time I enjoy nature, anything physically active, reading, and my family.