Hannah Ziebarth, MSW Student Intern

Hannah's journey toward becoming a social worker began while she was working on the Burn Trauma ICU at the University of Utah Hospital. Despite initially intending to become a registered nurse, Hannah discovered that her strengths lay in connecting with patients and actively listening to their experiences of trauma. This realization led her to transfer to the University of Utah College in Salt Lake City, where she is completing her MSW.

Motivated by her experiences at the hospital, Hannah felt inspired to continue to be a listening ear to those in need. Hannah plans to continue her education and career by becoming an LCSW and is passionate about using her skills to support individuals and communities in need.

Before transitioning to social work, Hannah gained extensive experience in the healthcare field as a wound care and operating room assistant at the Burn Trauma ICU, where she worked for six years. Although she enjoyed the hands-on aspect of working with patients, Hannah found that her most fulfilling days were those when she could talk and listen to patients about their trauma and experiences leading to their hospitalizations. This experience helped to shape her career path toward social work, which led her to join Dr. Alberto Varela and his team. Hannah's current areas of specialty include dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), psychological testing, mind-body bridging, and mindfulness.

To foster positive mental health, I prioritize simplicity in my daily life. I love watching the sunset, decluttering my living space, and spending quality time with loved ones. Mindfulness is also crucial to me, as it allows me to be fully present in the moment and appreciate my life. Lastly, movement is vital to improving mental health. Even a short evening walk can make a significant difference. Some of my favorite hobbies include hot yoga, skiing, paddle boarding, and mountain biking during the summer.

I view my role as a guide for my clients to achieve their goals, empowering them to take control of their lives. I believe in honest and open communication and tailoring my approach to meet each client's unique needs. Through my work, I aim to help clients regain hope, encourage growth, and encourage resilience. I feel honored to be a part of my client's journeys toward wellness and am committed to supporting them every step of the way.